Clients' Feedback

Read the stories of people who, thanks to DNA tests, regained control over their health and learned about their predispositions, susceptibility to certain diseases, abilities and physical limitations. Among our customers there are people with varying tendencies and expectations, of different ages, and with varied health conditions. We are certain that regardless of your needs, we can prepare a solution for you that will let you take conscious care of your health and improve the quality of your life.

“Detailed A-to-Z information about my organism”

Thanks to the Report, I have been presented with a very broad and detailed picture of my health predispositions. I know now which aspects of my health need my special and immediate attention and which are not so urgent. Never before has there been a possibility to receive such vast amount of information about the functioning of a person's organism, let alone in such a straightforward and accessible form. All guidelines are presented in such a way that I have absolutely no problems using them on a daily basis. This Report is carefully prepared and it specifically explains the way my body works and what kinds of danger threaten my well-being. I've already recommended these DNA tests to all my friends and I'm going to discuss my own results with my family doctor and dietician soon.

aged 63

“Thanks to the DNA test I quit smoking”

I smoked for many years. I was aware of how dangerous the addiction was for my health but I couldn't stop myself from doing it and I was always able to find some pretext to light yet another cigarette. Only after the DNA test confirmed that I was at a high risk of developing lung cancer did I find the motivation to end my addiction. I quit smoking once and for all, and thanks to the clear and accessible dietary guidelines found in the Report, not only did I not gain weight, but also adjusted the diet to my own needs. Now I feel much better and my overall test results have improved significantly.

aged 49

“DNA test results helped me build my workout routine and prepare my diet”

I did the DNA test because I had problems with keeping the correct weight. A lean, sporty and muscular build is very important to me, so I needed something to help me develop a workout routine and a nutrition plan that would be tailored for my needs. The DNA Report provided me with information about the exercises that were most suitable for my muscle type. I also received data concerning food products I should avoid and those that are good for me to eat in order for my workout to be effective. And it's just a fraction of all the information about my health that I can draw from the Report. I'm planning to recommend the DNA tests to my friends – it's really worth it to know all the strengths and weaknesses of your organism.

aged 24

“I know my risks and I feel safer”

I talked my two sisters into doing the DNA tests because our grandparents had died of cancer and we wanted to know if we were at risk of the disease. My results showed clearly which types of cancer I'm more genetically susceptible to and thanks to that information I know now what I should pay more attention to. I've already made an appointment with my doctor because I want to discuss my results with him and decide what preventive actions I should undertake. Additionally, the Report informed me about the types of physical exercise I should do to lose weight quickly and effectively.

aged 27

“The DNA test saved me from diabetes”

For years I fought with my excess weight, but to no avail. Despite spending long hours on physical exercises and sticking to a restrictive diet, I simply couldn't lose a single pound. I decided to do the DNA test mainly because I wanted to know if I was at risk of any genetically conditioned diseases. When I received my results it turned out that I had an increased risk of insulin resistance. I showed my Report to my family doctor and having done some additional tests and implemented the right treatment, not only did I manage to lose weight, but also prevented the development of diabetes. Thanks to this Report I am much healthier. I use the tips and guidelines contained within it every single day.

aged 58

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