Affymetrix is a pioneer in microarray technology and a leader in genomics analysis. The company develops dynamically and provides innovative technologies that enable multiplex and parallel analysis of biological systems at the cell, protein, and gene level. Additionally, Affymetrix offers fast and efficient processing of the results of the study, facilitating the development of science and the building of a better world.

The extensive portfolio of translational and clinical solutions enables scientists and clinicians to rapidly translate their research into understanding underlying disease mechanisms, identifying biomarkers for personalized medicine and creating novel molecular diagnostic tests. All these actions concentrate on human health and wellness.

Affymetrix employs over 1100 specialists all around the globe and maintains sales operations across Asia, Europe, Latin American, and North America. The headquarters is located in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The company also has offices in Japan, Singapore and China. Affymetrix strives to spread genetic testing and enable the translation of biological knowledge into routine practice.

Affymetrix is the undisputed leader in providing cost-effective solutions and world-class support for genotyping studies. Biobanks worldwide are partnering with Affymetrix because of the distinct advantages Axiom® technology offers over other technologies used by companies providing similar services. Axiom® technology delivers unmatched flexibility in design, no marker loss, and a simple workflow. It also possesses the most comprehensive data pertaining ethnic groups, which enables the enhancement of research possibilities on ethnically diverse groups. It is also the only genotyping solution that offers a choice from among 26 millions of researched and fully described markers. It allows for optimization of the capabilities of a matrix in accordance to different requirements.


Affymetrix' GeneChip® technology was invented in the late 1980s by a team of scientists led by Stephen P.A. Fodor, PhD. The theory behind their work was revolutionary – a notion that semiconductor manufacturing techniques could be united with advances in combinatorial chemistry to build vast amounts of biological data on a small glass chip.

This technology became the basis of a new company, Affymetrix, formed as a division of Affymax, N.V. in 1991. Affymetrix began operating independently in 1992.

The Company commenced commercial sales of the GeneChip® system for research use in 1994 and currently sells its products directly to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrichemical, diagnostic and consumer products companies, as well as academic, government, and other non-profit research institutes all over the world.

Technology and laboratory equipment

Traditional microarray formats require a labor-intensive, manual handling process. Currently, the only way to scale up throughput is to add manpower and instrumentation, which results in higher costs, higher data variability, and increased chance of error.

Affymetrix is the first company on the market to deliver a better solution: The GeneTitan® family of instruments. The GeneTitan® and GeneTitan® Multi-Channel (MC) Instruments maximize data reproducibility and laboratory productivity by minimizing user intervention. By combining a hybridization oven, fluidics processing, and state-of-the art imaging device, both instruments process multiple samples under identical conditions and with minimal operator intervention.

The GeneTitan® and GeneTitan® Multi-Channel instrument are used for expression and genotyping studies and the tests carried out with their help are very efficient, exceptionally accurate and flexible. This helps to maximize the reproducibility and consistency of the results, increase the productivity of the laboratory and drastically limit the time needed to acquire and process data.

Using the GeneTitan® instruments it is possible to carry out various types of studies, from SNP genotyping to comprehensive explorations of gene expression profiles relating to important biological phenotypes, such as disease or drug response.

The highest quality of testing

The solutions employed by Affymetrix fulfill the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485, which specifies the requirements for laboratory products and guarantees the highest quality of products and their compliance with the legal requirements and customer expectations.

The benefits resulting from implementing the ISO 13485 standard

maximizing the safety of the provided equipment

high quality of service

limiting the possibility of encountering a non-compliant product


The process of testing

DNA amplification

  • 2 interventions

  • 0.5 hrs hands-on time

  • Begin DNA amplification (continues 24 hrs)



  • 2 interventions

  • 0.5 hrs hands-on time

  • Finish amplification fragment DNA, begin precipitation (continues overnight)

Resuspension and hyb prep


  • 4 interventions

  • 2.5 hrs hands-on time

  • End of precipitation step, perform resuspension, hybridization prep, begin hybridization (continues 24 hrs)

Wash, ligation, stain and imaging

  • 2 interventions

  • < 1 hrs hands-on time

  • Finish hybridization, prepare reagents on Biomek FX, add reagents to GeneTitan Instrument


  • Analyze CEL files

info dna

Important information

The Affymetrix laboratory guarantees 100% reproducibility of results, which means that multiple testing of a single sample always yields the same result.