DNA Testing

What is genetics?

Every human being possesses a unique genetic profile, which is not perfect. It has mutations, originating from evolution and environmental causes. The goal of a DNA test is to identify a genetic profile, which includes information about food tolerance, risk of genetically conditioned diseases, and hormonal metabolism.

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Knowledge contained in DNA



Conditions and Diseases




Weight Loss and Obesity


Reaction to drugs





Check what information will be put in your Genetic Predisposition Report. Depending on the chosen package, the report includes information regarding

the risk of genetically conditioned diseases occurring (like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's)

civilization diseases, including circulation diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, tumors, predisposition towards skin aging, and eye diseases

susceptibility to food intolerance, including lactose and gluten intolerance

genetic predisposition towards gaining weight and weight swings

total cholesterol, HDL and LDL levels in blood

muscle types

personality and other traits, such as height or skin properties

Process DNA testing

An interview with an expert

Purchase of the test

Shipment of the test

Customer performing the test

Sending the test back

Delivering the test to the laboratory

Analyzing of DNA sample

Preparing the personalized report

Delivering the report to the customer

Experts' support/report consultation (optional)