About us

Code of Me is an organization that holds many essential qualifications: knowledge, service package, access to innovative technology, laboratory infrastructure, experts from the areas of personalized prognostics, genetics, biotechnology and lifestyle (nutrition, fitness, wellness).

Our customers:

want to knowingly care for their or their loved ones' health

want to influence their own future

would like to get to know as much as possible about themselves and where they come from

had diseases in their family history (including genetic diseases).

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Target group:

people who care about health and a healthy lifestyle

people who try to lose weight

people who are interested in the subject of DNA

parents of small children

professionally active people, athletes

the elderly

Our goal is to improve our clients' quality of life.

Code of Me is a reliable and global brand that educates, promotes an educated and healthy lifestyle, as well as active caring for health, using innovative knowledge from the area of biotechnology.

Experience, experts and access to innovative technology allows us to approach the needs of every single one of our customers individually. We have the necessary expertise, resources and tools to provide our customers with experts' support by choosing the right solution and using it systematically. We have a wide range of services and an extensive partner network at our disposal (including physicians/clinics/dietetics/personal trainers), and that allows us to give our customers comprehensive support in every aspect, leading to improvements in the quality of their lives.

Our leading product are DNA tests and research, based on which we prepare detailed, personalized and easy to understand prognostic reports. Thanks to the information stored in a person's individual genotype, we provide our customers with valuable data about:

predispositions towards health and diseases

muscle characteristics and predisposition towards practicing specific sports

propensity for obesity

individual dietary requirements

predisposition towards intolerance of some foods, such as lactose and gluten

information about descent and blood relation

personality traits and others, such as the color of eyes, hair, and skin

impact of genetic conditioning on drug absorbtion

Reliable results are the effect of our experts' work

Thanks to this professional approach, high standards of genetic testing, and a wide range of services we provide, we build strong and long-term relations with our clients, based on mutual trust.

We strive to have constant interactions with our clients and to involve them in joint initiatives, which allows us to learn our customers' needs, provides essential knowledge and an impulse for continuous improvement of our qualifications, and allows us to offer new and innovative services.

Employed testing method

The technology employed by us allows us to read a nucleotide sequence from any place in the human genome, and that is what makes it extremely flexible and innovative. The genetic markers we use are acknowledged by scientific publications based on the results obtained by leading scientific institutions from all over the world.

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Around the client's health

The work of our team concentrates around your health. All elements of the service provided by Code of Me complement each other and create a cohesive whole, which makes it possible to care for your health in every way.

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